Head Lights
Documentation Build your Bike Specifications
Satin Black Pearl White Olive Drab Green Desert Sand
Integrated Lighting and Vehicle-grade sire - Battery lasts more than full shift - Through-frame wiring

Light Colors Build Your Own Bike!
Made in USA Lighting & Siren Graphics About Us Over a Full Shift Over a Full Shift
Riding Lights 4 Large LED Front, 7 Small Flashing LED Rear Riding Lights
Emergency Lights Flashing LED emergency lights for 360° visibility
(Font, Both Sides, Rear)
Emergency Lights
Vehicle-Grade Siren Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo, & PA Vehicle Grade Siren
Battery Integrated into frame
Lasts over a full shift on a single charge
Thumb Switches Control lights & siren w/ ergonomic thumb switches Thumb Switches
The same lighting, vehicle-grade siren, & excellent battery life - equipped to quickly install on nearly any bicycle and wheel size
Download Info Sheet Download Assembly Manual

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