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Who Makes
Your Frames?

Made in the USA! We are proud to say we make our frames right here in Butler, PA! We've used the last year and a half to engineer, build, and test our bike frames specifically for this market. The iFORCE Patrol Bike is custom build per order. Your department chooses... Frame size & color, Stem size and color, Color of Police lighting, Department Graphics and addition bicycle components. Our bikes are handbuilt one at a time. We machine the tubing... We weld the frames (we have one bike frame welder that welds every frame for consistency)... We anodizing and powder coating at our own facility... We design and cut the graphics at our sign shop. We are a completely in-house operation.

What customization
options do I have?

iFORCE bikes offer a standard package however we do offer several options to help you design the bike that best suits your needs. You choose from frame sizes & colors to pedals & seat choices and everything in between. For options and pricing for each, visit the build your bike page and get a quote.

Do you run a Demo
Bike Program

We do. We have a 14 day Demo Evaluation Program. This allows the patrol officers in your department adequate time to test ride the iFORCE Patrol Bike during their shifts. There is no charge for the 14 day demo; your only obligation is to pay for the round trip shipping charge. We currently have a short wait list for the demo program. We will be glad to put you on it.

Can I buy the lighting
package separately?

Yes you can. If your department already has patrol bikes but needs to upgrade or outfit your existing patrol bikes with the latest state-of-the-art lighting & siren system available, we've got what you need. We've just released the iFORCE Accessory Light & Siren Kit. It's a complete add-on kit ready to install in about 15 minutes. The iFORCE Kit includes the rear rack which houses the rechargeable battery, rear riding light, side & rear flashing emergency lighting. The front console includes the front riding light, emergency lighting & siren. The system is controlled by thumb switches mounted near the grips. The kit also includes all necessary mounting hardware.

Where is the
Battery Located?

The iFORCE bike is designed with an integrated battery pack in the rear rack of the bike. We designed it this way so that there's no messing with wires; no heavy battery packs that take up a bottle cage, no disconnecting anything.

How Long does the Battery
Hold its Charge in the Field?

Battery life varies depending on use, however, typical battery life with both the headlight and flashing emergency lights constantly running can last up to 14 hours on a single charge. If you're using just the "running" lights (headlight and rear tail-LEDs) the battery life is extended by approximately an hour. Please note siren use will draw the battery down more quickly than the lights

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