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About iFORCE Why iFORCE? Warranty F.A.Q.'s
Made in the USA! iFORCE Bicycles are designed from the ground-up with the intensive demands of patrol use in mind and are Made in America. Unlike other brands, which simply stick "Police" decals to a standard recreational or sporting bicycle, iFORCE builds its bikes specifically with the officers who ride them in mind.

The frame is lightweight, yet can endure hundreds of miles of riding per month and extreme-stress riding conditions. It is fabricated and hand-welded in-house to ensure maximum quality control. The integrated light and siren kit features 360° pursuit/emergency lighting and a real, vehicle-grade siren. The rechargeable battery lasts over 14 hours on a single charge. The battery is integrated into the Rear Rack.

A rear cargo bag is standard. Custom graphics for your department are created and installed in-house. High quality components by brands like SRAM, AVID, and RockShox are standard. In short, no corners were cut when developing the ultimate patrol bicycle.

Your iFORCE Patrol Bicycle arrives 100% patrol-ready. Simply install the front wheel and the pedals, and you're ready to ride.

We encourage you to make an informed decision. We offer a Demo Program on our fully equipped iFORCE Patrol Bikes. Contact us and test ride it for yourself.
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